retaining wall up against fence

Question about retaining wall against fence

A retaining wall holds earth in place. You are wanting a raised flowerbed. I would put it a few inches out from the existing fence. Otherwise dirt & water are going to be ruining the fence.

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Can I build a retaining wall along an existing fence?

As for the area between the fence and the retaining wall, you could attach a run of 4x2 or 6x2 along the fence line to form a beam for which you can attach joists and lay some decking timber all the way along. If you raise it up about the dirt level you could use it as seating if it's wide enough.

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Mar 20, 2016 - BUILD RETAINING WALL AGAINST FENCE | Fence Building

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Retaining Wall and Fencing - Landscape Design Advice

They basically installed the fence right in front of the wall (basically flush with the base of the wall). The problem is the fence was poorly built and is falling apart. It also seems that water drainage off the retaining wall has washed away much of the ground at the base of the wall and has weakened the foundation for the fence.

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building a retaining wall garden against a wooden fence .

There is a membrane that is a thick water proof barrier that you can use, Plastic will rot. If there is a bunch of dirt pushing on the fence it may knock it over so yes you may need to add a wall there. You will need to put in a french drain or the water will cause damage.

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Building a Retaining Wall: 8 Dos and Don'ts - Bob Vila

When building a tiered set of retaining walls, position the higher wall behind the lower wall at twice the distance as the height of the lower wall. For example, if the lower wall is three-feet.

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Neighbour has used my fence as a retaining wall - Garden Law .

Along the boundary between the two properties there is a regular 6ft wooden panel fence. We noticed that the neighbours had decided that the best way to hold back the raised earth was to just pile it up against the fence to a height approx 12 - 14 inches.

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Fence v. Retaining Wall | Boundary Dispute Law Blog

There is what appears (at least from this side) to be a 4 – 5 foot fence in the background. In the foreground is a retaining wall of roughly 1.5 feet which though not failing is well on its way to succumbing to the weight of the land behind it.

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