how to fix upvc high performance cladding sheet

How Is PVC Cladding Fixed To The Battens? | A Fixings Guide .

PVC Cladding boards should be fixed to battens using 30mm Stainless Steel Cladding Pins. Don't be tempted to use any other type of nail as there is a chance that moisture on the head of the fixing could lead to unsightly rust lines that stain the face of the cladding.

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How to Fit UPVC Cladding | Home Improvement | Speedy Plastics .

If you’re looking to install UPVC cladding yourself, then good news; it is a relatively easy job to do provided you know what you’re doing. Health and Safety Notice: Always ensure that you follow all health and safety guidelines and use the appropriate tools for the job.

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Fix base part of matching edge trim P125 (2 part) along finishing edge where cladding finishes using Gripfill. Staple or tack the trim in position while waiting for the adhesive to set. Put carefully to one side the trim cover strips. Cut the male section from the edge of your first panel with a fine tooth saw, and cut to fit.

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Fitting Instructions for Cladding |

Due to the hidden fixing points on both the Shiplap and Open V Cladding we recommend using our Stainless Steel Cladding pins (GCP30) to fix the boards to the timber battens. When pinning the cladding, start from the centre, working your way outwards to the edges of the board.

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Fitting Instructions for uPVC Cladding |

Shiplap Cladding is fixed using stainless steel cladding pins (GCP30) positioned along the grove (datum line) which runs the entire length of the uPVC cladding. Pinning the shiplap cladding should take place from the centre of the boards working outwards.

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Fixing horizontal cladding/weatherboard - Practical DIY

Fixing horizontal cladding/weatherboard - a step by step approach. Horizontal cladding (weatherboard) This article gives very general guidelines for applying horizontal external cladding. uPVC and fibre cement cladding materials usually come with their own instructions and include trim pieces (i.e. end sealing strips etc) specific to the manufacturer.

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Fix across the dimension that is less than 2.60m to avoid joins. Measure the ceiling across the direction of travel of the panels in metres and divide by 0.33 for Primavera or 0.25 for Starline. Round up to the nearest whole number. This will give the number of panels you require. i.e. 4.8m girth divided by 0.25 (for

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