how deep must deck footings be in nj

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Furthermore, you must install footings at least 12” below unsettled soil. If you are building into the side of a steep hill or beside a retaining wall you will have to maintain the minimum distance to grade not only vertically but also laterally.

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Footings are to be concrete, in this area the footing depth required is 3 feet (916mm) minimum. The width of most footing in this area are a minimum 12 inches (102mm) square or round in order to carry the required dead load of 40 lbs. f.

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Check the Frost Line by Zip Code Before Digging Footings

If you’re going to build your own deck one of the first considerations after you’ve laid out your posts is how deep your footings should be set. This is determined by the frost line in your area and the map below should give you a general idea of how deep you need to go. What is a Frost Line. The frost line is the depth at which the ground .

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Concrete footings need to be set at particular depths to ensure that the structures they're supporting don't sag. This article will give you some insight into how deep to dig your footings, and where to turn to for specific regional information about your local structural code standards.

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Wood Decks - Ocean Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey

All typical deck footings are required to be 36'' deep, and 12 inches in diameter. As the total load becomes heavier, because of the size of the deck and the spans between the girders, the footing diameter must be increased from the typical 12 inches to 15 or even 18 inches in diameter, depending on the load and the size of the deck.

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Five Ways To Build Deck Footings - Size Shape Depth Information

The flat part at the bottom must be at least 6" thick. This is a common rule for footing so don't forget that. You will notice that the support post is also embedded deeply into the concrete and extends no closer than say 4" from the bottom of the footing. With these style of deck footings there is a lot more work to do.

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