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DIY Cabinet Doors: How to Build and Install Cabinet Doors

Make a list of the parts of your DIY shaker cabinet doors before you begin. Note: For each door, you’ll need two stiles (the vertical parts), two rails (the horizontal parts) and one panel. To figure the length of the stiles, take the height of the door and add 1/8 inch.

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How to Make Beadboard Cabinet Doors |

Place the beadboard pieces you have cut onto the cabinet doors, putting some pressure on them as you press down. Slide them slightly from side to side to bond the beadboard and doors with the adhesive. Make sure all of the edges are lined up. You can use clamps to keep the beadboard and doors together until the adhesive is dry.

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How to Build Slab-Style Cabinet Doors

To complete the slab-style cabinet doors, begin with a good sanding. Install a coarse grit sanding pad onto your random orbital sander and sand the entire cabinet door, paying special attention to the tongue and groove joints. When satisfied with the coarse sanding, move to a finer grit and sand the entire cabinet door again.

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How to Make DIY Cabinet Doors --{Without Fancy Router Bits}

Step 3: Route Edges of DIY Cabinet Doors Frame Pieces. Once all the dadoes were cut (there were 28 boards for all my sister’s cabinet doors—TWENTY EIGHT…), I began routing the decorative edge. Because my sister likes to make things difficult (love you, Sissy!), she didn’t just want a plain shaker style door.

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How to Build Cabinet Doors Cheap - Houseful of Handmade

Cut 2 stiles the height of the cabinet doors Cut 2 rails the width of the cabinet doors minus 2x the width of the boards (1×3 boards are typically 2 1/2″ but it is always a good idea to double check). Next you will use the router to create a groove around the perimeter of the inside of the cabinet doors for the panel to sit inside.

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3 Ways to DIY Cabinet Doors - Houseful of Handmade

DIY cabinet doors are a great way to update an old space. Replacing cabinet doors will give your room an instant facelift. Whether you are remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or any room with built in cabinets, you can build your own cabinet doors to make your space look like new again.

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