how to clean white plantation shutters

3 Ways to Clean Plantation Shutters - wikiHow

Fill a bowl with white vinegar. White vinegar can be used to wipe any stains off of plantation shutters. Fill a small bowl with white vinegar only. The precise amount you need depends on the size of your shutters and how much cleaning they need.

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How to Clean Plantation Shutters: Follow These 3 Simple Steps

Much like faux wood, you want to avoid using soap or water on wood shutters, as this can wear down the quality of the wood. Instead use furniture polish to give the shutters a shine like new, along with the help of a microfibre cloth. A duster and a vacuum are important elements to your shutter cleaning. Have any tight corners collecting dust?

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5 Step Guide to Cleaning Plantation Shutters | Complete .

Remove all the debris and dust off your plantation shutters. The easiest and quickest way to do this is with the soft brush vacuum attachment. It will suck up all the dust and debris making the next step easier. Step 2

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How to Clean Plantation Shutters – Do’s and Don’t’s | Bindo

Cleaning plantation shutters is relatively straight forward, as you can use a damp cloth with a mild detergent to quickly wipe the slats down. You can then finish with a dry cloth to mop up any remaining moisture and your shutters will be good to go.

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How To Clean Plantation Shutters - BlindsOnline

The white vinegar should remove most stains, debris, and dirt off of plantation shutters. For easy cleaning, wipe down your shutters with a sock. Dip a clean, fresh sock in white vinegar, and wring the sock out. You want to make sure the sock is barely damp, but with just enough solution to clean.

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How To Clean Plantation Shutters | Regency Shutter & Shade

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your shutters takes only minutes if carried out regularly. Tilt the slats to the open position. Wipe each slat from the center to the outside edge. This can be done with a duster or microfiber cloth.

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Tips On Cleaning Plantation Shutters by Plantation Shutters .

If wetting your shutters is necessary for spot cleaning or removing dust buildup, use a clean damp cloth and wipe each louver carefully. You can use a little dish soap in the water but be sure to follow up with just water to rinse it away. Keep in mind that we just said damp cloth, not wet cloth! What Not To Do When Cleaning Plantation Shutters

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