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Garage Floor Epoxy Installation Cost - 2021 Price Guide

Epoxy Flooring DIY Cost Coating a two-car garage should require 1 gallon of epoxy coating, plus equipment: $100 plus $300 (both realistic figures for the cost of the material and the kit) = $400. Cost to Hire a Professional to Install Epoxy Coating

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2021 Cost To Epoxy Coat Garage Floor | Apply Epoxy Concrete .

Epoxy Garage Floor Cost Homeowners pay an average of $2,191 to coat an existing concrete floor. Total project costs typically range between $1,438 and $2,971. Materials and equipment alone will cost you $2 to $5 per square foot.

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2021 Epoxy Flooring Cost | Garage Floor Coating & Painting Prices

An epoxy based concrete coating for a 2-car garage floor will cost between $1,320 and $3,080 with most homeowners spending about $1,711 when professionally applied. The price to coat an existing concrete floor is ranges from $3 to $7 per square foot including labor and materials.

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Epoxy Garage Floor - What is the cost for an epoxy garage .

You can purchase these DIY Kits, which includes all you need, from any of your local paint and home improvement stores. The epoxy floor cost can range from $50 to $600. If you want to cover the garage floor of a 1 car garage measuring 250 square feet, the full DIY Kit will cost you around $250. How much does it cost to epoxy 2 car garage floor?

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Garage Floor Coating Costs - Breaking Up The Spend

DIY epoxy kits, for example, are around $50 – $600, with 100% epoxy coating kits enough to cover the flooring of a one-car garage costing around $250. Even with its advantages, however, DIY kits have their own share of cons.

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Epoxy Garage Floor Costs, Sq Ft Estimates | 2021 Prices (avg)

How much does an epoxy garage floor cost? Feb 15, 2021 The national average cost to install epoxy flooring in your garage is $1,870 - $2,700. How much you pay will depend on the size of your flooring, condition of the concrete, and any add-ons you choose.

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