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Two relatively recent insulation technologies, structural insulated panels (SIPs) and insulated concrete forms (ICFs), are gaining a lot of traction in the green building market. SIPs are a multifunctional material made of rigid foam insulation sandwiched between two structural boards, generally oriented strand board.

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Sustainable building starts with reducing the heating and cooling loads of the home as much as possible and insulation is the key to energy conservation, a cornerstone of green building. Well-insulated houses not only save energy, thus lowering operating costs, but also keep people more comfortable.

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Many people do not know rigid and blown foamed insulation is made of plastics or that the use of plastics in building and construction often uses less energy and creates less greenhouse gas per application than traditional materials.

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Green Home Building Materials - Insulation

Rockwool—an eco-friendly building brand that manufactures stone wool insulation products using basalt rock—prides itself as an environmentally and socially responsible company that adheres to the highest of standards in business ethics and sustainability practices.

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5 eco-friendly insulation materials for green buildings

Sustainable building materials – the importance of eco-friendly insulation: When it comes to thermal insulation, inefficient resources and poor installation techniques tend to damage the environment. Sustainable building materials, on the other hand, can drastically boost the energy rating of buildings.

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The Complete Guide to Eco-Friendly Insulation - Elemental Green

Natural, formaldehyde-free materials make eco-friendly insulation products the best choice for a green and healthy home. Unlike fiberglass, insulation materials like wool and cotton are safe to handle and cause no irritation to the skin or respiratory tract.

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7 Green Insulation Types for New and Existing Buildings .

Unlike malleable insulation types, cork is a semi-rigid material usually made of 100 percent cork. Made of the outer bark of oak trees that have reached a minimum age of 18 years, cork is a completely natural and renewable resource, as removing the bark doesn’t harm the tree and regenerates over time.

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