birch wood floor problems

11 Wood-Flooring Problems and Their Solutions - Fine Homebuilding

The distortion is in the wood, not the finish. Every floorboard contains both soft spring wood, which is the dark grain in each board, and dense late-season wood. The soft spring wood in this floor was dug out by improper sanding. Dished-out deformities in floorboards are typically caused by poor sanding techniques or by heavy wear in spring wood.

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Hardwood Floor Problems: Heed the Warning Signs

Primarily, wood flooring problems can occur when the wood expands and contracts. This “wood movement” occurs naturally according to seasonal shifts or when ambient RH levels change in the home. These changes can also present a less-than-desirable change in the appearance of your wood flooring. Cracks and Separations between Boards

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Buckling: Hardwood Flooring Issues, Causes, & Fixes - Denver .

Before your hardwood is installed, the sub floor (or floor your hardwood will be fastened to) may begin to take on excessive moisture do to humid weather conditions. Then, your hardwood (with its own moisture content) is laid on top of the sub floor.

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Seasonal Expansion and Shrinkage in Hardwood Floors .

To combat this problem, run a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture level in your home before the flooring is delivered and allow the flooring to acclimate to living conditions before you install. Over-drying of the flooring can also cause abnormal gaps. In many cases, the root cause of this is a wood burner or a fireplace.

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Birch Wood Floors vs. Oak Floors | Hunker

Birch hardwood flooring is one of the most popular wood species to be used for interior spaces. Equally popular and similarly durable is oak hardwood, which has been used for floors, boats and barrels for centuries. Both woods make great flooring for your space, but there are some differences.

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Successfully staining birch - WOODWEB

I've recently discovered this same problem and didn't know it was due to birch. After staining a birch plywood door, I noticed a huge blotch. I attributed it to unnoticed glue, but perhaps it was the birch itself. I simply stained with Minwax after sanding with 220, then with a clear coat of poly U.

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