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How to Design Outdoor Spaces for Children | HGTV

Create Outdoor Play Areas for Children. Transform your backyard into a recreational green space better than any playground. . 40 Budget-Friendly Ideas for Small .

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Kid Friendly Backyard Without Grass

A small section of your yard with different sized rocks could allow your children hours of imaginative play as they use them like Legos to build things or line larger ones around the yard to create a rock jumping path.

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Outdoor Play Areas – Part 4 – Incorporating Sustainability

Continue the learning through the rest of your early learning environment and at home with books, songs, stories, dramatic play, creative fun, guides for parents, excursions and incursions, visual displays about what eco – friendly actions the children have been taking and the learning outcomes this play has led to.

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Children’s Natural Play Area – Riveredge Nature Center

The Natural Play Area also includes places to hide, sit quietly, reflect, read a book or daydream. Some of the elements your children will enjoy in Riveredge’s Natural Play Area include: Rocky Stream Channel where children can leap from rock to rock, float a raft and listen to the soothing sounds of flowing water

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Backyard Playground: Best Ground Cover Options Guide .

Shredded rubber mulch is a newer player on the playground scene and is quickly growing in popularity, particularly for its ability to provide a nice cushion when children fall. This springy material also acts as a weed barrier and is a low-maintenance option for play areas, which increases its appeal for homeowners.

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Backyard Greens | Play Area Turf

Schools & Commercial. The “Safe Play” System is not only for homeowners but works well in daycares, preschools, charter schools and is the only playground surface that provides consistent safety in high traffic areas, keeps its softness in any temperature, protects against falls at any height, and fits under all types of play equipment.

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Quality Artificial Grass for Play Areas & Playgrounds

Play Areas Providing artificial grass for your children gives them a safe play area and, as parents, you don’t need to worry about muddy shoes and dirty clothing. Synthetic grass is soft and durable, and to top it all off, it looks fantastic.

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