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How to Install Porch Flooring | how-tos | DIY

Install Flashing, Blocking and Ledger Strip Install z-bar flashing between porch frame and house (Image 1), allowing moisture to run away from house. Add 2x4 blocking for the porch floor to rest upon (Image 2). Add a ledger strip next to the house to allow the porch floor to be nailed to.

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How to Build a Porch (Project Summary) - Bob Vila

Building the Porch. Porches may be built in a wide variety of ways. Let the architecture of your home be your guide. If your house relates to a historical period, study examples of porch styles .

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How to Build Porches - YouTube

In this video we build 3 porches with steps, handrails, and a deck. I hope you enjoy!

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Porch Flooring | Porch Decking Materials | Building a Porch

If building a traditional front porch, you would attach the joists to the band joists or to the band joist and beam (if you installed additional beams - see our foundation section). In some cases you will lay the joist over the beam to create an overhang. In those cases, use a hurricane tie (photo at right)to attach the joist to the beam.

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Concrete Porch Floor Construction Made Easy

Because of its height, a subfloor needs to be constructed to hold the concrete porch floor. Filling the porch cavity with stone or concrete block might be an option but it would take consider fill to raise the porch floor to the appropriate level.

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How to Build a Screen Porch: Screen Porch Construction (DIY)

Cut away the overhang and siding to make way for the porch You'll have to decide whether to cut a slot where the porch walls meet the siding. If your siding is stucco, brick or stone, you may want to butt the walls to the siding. Make a mark 1-5/8 in. out from the deck on both sides.

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