how to make wire fence safer for horses

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Ideally, wire fencing around horses should be framed by wood. This protects the edges of the wire fence from teeth and hooves. The wood frame should be on the inside of the horse enclosure, assuring that the wire edges are secure away from curious noses and horseshoes. This also makes the wire easier to see.

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Small-diameter wire is safer in some instances, however, because it's better to have the horse break through it in the event of a tangle than risk more significant injury. The larger the wire, the more electricity it will carry. If your fence will cover several miles, 12.5-gauge smooth wire is better than a smaller-diameter wire.

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Box wire is dangerous for horses as the openings are large enough for a horse to put a foot through. Better are woven wire fences with small 2" x 4" openings or with the even smaller diamond mesh. The clue here is wire strands that are woven or wrapped-not welded-so if a horse runs into it, the mesh won't pop apart.

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Selecting reliable confinement for a horse often is no easy matter, as safe fencing relies upon individual circumstances. Matters of consideration include the amount of area to be enclosed; the .

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Answer: For mares and foals, make your fence at least 4-1/2 feet tall to discourage jumping and reaching over. Use a 5-foot top wire. For stallion pens, breaking pens, and cool-down pens, use 5 to 6 feet of fence. Read more about how to build a horse fence here.

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A four- or five-wire electric fence will require a few extra materials—such as a charger and grounding rods—but they are considered to be among the safest options for horse fences, and you can build long fences without racking up a huge bill. Be sure to use polymer-coated wires or wires woven into polymer tape or rope.

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The fence should be smooth on the horse side to prevent injury. Fasten rails and wire mesh to the inside (horse side) of the posts. This also strengthens the fence. If a horse leans on the fence, its weight will not push out the fasteners.

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